FundRacing Toolkit:
How to raise more for MiMS!

Thank you for fund-racing for Mile in My Shoes! If you've done this before, you may have a plan for reaching your goal. But whatever your fundraising experience, we've got your back. Check out our ideas for fueling the funds as your run for MiMS. 

1. Getting Started
2. Telling a Story
3. Setting a Schedule


1. The first lap: Kickstarting your campaign

Lead by example 
There's no rule against donating to your own FundRacing page. Seed your total with a modest donation to show your friends and family you'll put your money where your shoes are. While you're at it, check if your employer has a matching gift program—you might double your donation. 

Similarly, ask one of your "sure thing" supporters to make an early donation. Others will be more likely to give when they see you're making progress. 

Go a little bigger and donate your birthday to MiMS. In lieu of gifts, tell your party guests to donate to your fund-racing page. 

Let them eat cake
Set an incentive level and reward your supporters. One idea: bake or make something for any donor who gives more than $50. You might also offer to mow their lawn, shovel their driveway, or do some other small task in exchange for a donation.

Make a night of it
Host a house party, lip sync battle, or karaoke night—with your fund-racing as the cause. Need MiMS materials or info to share at the event? Here's a one-page overview for starters.  

 Have a favorite restaurant or brewery that supports nonprofits? Find out if they have a "giving night" when they donate a portion of proceeds to a nonprofit. 

• Sending out your first "ask" can be a bit intimidating. To help you break through, here (link) is an email template you can customize. As you get more comfortable asking, we encourage you to build a compelling story around your fund-racing. Which leads us to:

2. Be a storyteller

Let your network know why Mile in My Shoes is important to you. Not quite sure how to talk about MiMS? We have some starter content for you:

All about MiMS: CAN LINK to doc on Drive with basic MiMS overview. Or...? 

• Every runner has a story. Inspire your donors by sharing them. Find our Resident Members' stories here, and our Run Mentors' here. We've also put together a collection of our team member quotes about MiMS. Find them here. (LINKS to quotes Jenny has on Drive?)

Embrace the fund-race and tell your own story as your fund-racing unfolds. Post updates to your CrowdRise page and social media channels, and send occasional email updates. Along with acknowledging donors, giving a "thermometer" update on your fundraising progress, and sharing reasons to give, this is also a chance to get creative. Share photos from your training and other fun updates so that donors (and soon-to-be donors) feel a part of your journey. 

• Impact by the numbers. Your supporters want to know how MiMS is making a difference. We have stats! Click here (LINKS to Drive?) for a collection of outcomes to pick and choose from as you share our program's impact. 

3. Set the pace

Timing your asks and updates is a key to fundraising success. See our handy recommended timeline for communications (LINK to doc? Do we have this yet?) as you head toward race day. 

• Also, be sure to read the monthly MiMS FundRacing Newsletter, and check in on the Fundracers' Facebook Group.