FundRacing Toolkit:
How to raise more for MiMS!

Thank you for FundRacing for Mile in My Shoes (MiMS)! If you've done this before, you may have a plan for reaching your goal. But whatever your fundraising experience—especially if you’re a newbie—we've got your back. Bookmark this toolkit and use it to fuel your FundRacing from now until race day!

Who’s Mile in My Shoes?

If you’re not already familiar with us, we have some quick intro content to help you share what, and who, you’re FundRacing for:
• This two-page MiMS Overview has our mission, impact stats, member quotes, and more.
• MiMS’ Facebook and Instagram are full of photos and #MiMSpiration that get to the heart of our program. While you’re on social, be sure to join our FundRacing Facebook Group. 

Kickstart your campaign

First things first…Set up your CrowdRise FundRacing page (if you haven’t already):

  • Follow this link to find MiMS on CrowdRise, and scroll to the bottom to choose your race (if you are running the City of Lakes, Downtown Run Around, or Drumstick Dash).

  • Once there, click the JOIN button and you'll instantly have your own fundraising page! (If you’re running a race other than the three above and want help setting up your FundRacing page, please reach out to

  • Next up, personalize your page. Add a profile photo, then share your story. People are more likely to donate if they feel a personal connection to you and to the cause. A couple prompts:
    Why are you choosing to FundRace for MiMS? If you're a Run Mentor, what has volunteering with MiMS meant to you? Our Resident Member profiles are also great material for sharing MiMS' impact. 

  • It helps to give people a sense of how their donation makes a difference. A couple quick examples: $25 covers a Resident Member's entry fee for an upcoming race, and $50 buys a pair of shoes for a new Resident Member runner.

Questions about setting up your page, including links to existing MiMS FundRacing page examples? Email our FundRacing Coordinator:

Timeline for sending your “asks” and updates

Timing is a key to FundRacing success. How and when should you update and thank your supporters, and how can you build momentum as you approach your fundraising goal? Our recommended timeline for communications is your guide as you head toward race day. 

Embracing FundRacing: Tips to reach your goal

The number one tip to remember: communication is king. Keep your donors informed, updated, and thank them for their support. Not quite sure how to inspire people to support you? The MiMS family is here for you. Many FundRacers have boldly gone where you are going now, and they’ve come back with winning ideas, from house parties to donor incentives to fundraising-friendly social media posts. The FundRacing hive mind presides: 

In the end, there is no “right way” to fundraise. Just get out there, tell your story, and run. On behalf of the MiMS team, we thank you for your support and for becoming a FundRacer. Good luck and get FundRacing!

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