Fund-race for MiMS

"Fund-racing" is an inspiring way to double your running pleasure: along with the thrill of the race, you'll be raising money for Mile in My Shoes with every stride. Whether you're striving for a personal best or just aiming to finish, your fund-racing efforts will propel MiMS forward in achieving our mission. 

This year, we are excited to announce three official FundRacing partnerships. For each of these races, you will receive a FREE entry - plus lots of other swag - in exchange for FundRacing:

MiMS’ Downtown Run Around 5K: Sunday, June 2nd

MDRA City of Lakes Half Marathon: Sunday, Sep 5th

Drumstick Dash, Thanksgiving Day

Every year, we have dozens of community members run for MiMS in our official partner races, racking up lots of swag along the way. Last year, our FundRacers raised over $35K for MiMS - that’s the majority of MiMS’ annual revenue! But if you'd like to Fund-race on behalf of MiMS at any race (in any town), more power to you (and us)! We'll provide you with support and incentives (race tees! hoodies!) all along the way - just contact us and we'll help you get started.

Questions about how to get started? Email