Part of our vision is to spark social action around issues of homelessness and incarceration within our community. Whether or not you run, you can help by learning more about the challenges facing our Resident Members and connecting with organizations who advocate for change on a policy level.

Local Organizations


The Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless is “uniquely positioned as the hub of a statewide network of 150 homeless service providers and other concerned individuals and organizations across Minnesota.” A great list of their member organizations – places where you might plug in – is here.

Visit and follow their blog to stay current on what is happening now and how you can connect.

Wilder Research leads the Minnesota Homeless Study, which provides the most comprehensive data and analysis on the reasons Minnesotans are homeless, and barriers to obtaining and maintaining safe and stable housing. (US Department of Housing and Urban Development) has a number of great resource links for those experiencing homelessness or perhaps on the brink, as well as those who are interested in helping. Housing counselors, affordable housing information, and a searchable data base of Minnesota service providers are just some of what is available.

Criminal Justice Reform/Re-entry

We Are All Criminals is a non-profit organization dedicated to challenging society’s perceptions of what it means to be “criminal.” Through shared stories of those who committed or were accused of committing crimes, those who got away with them, and those who have been directly affected by the criminal justice system, WAAC seeks to erase the barriers that separate us.