Core Team


The core team is the foundation of each run mentor lead site. Here's who they are and what they do...

Team Leader

The Team Leaders serve two main purposes:

  1. The TLs are the team “bosses”. The TLs behavior & personality sets the tone for the entire team, and

  2. The TLs are the main link between the program and MiMS staff/board of directors

The TLs should be a regular presence at runs & have their finger on the pulse of their team & its members. Because we ask a lot of Team Leaders, each team will have two TLs who will serve as Co-TLs. The Co-TLs may divide responsibilities in whatever way works best for them. While some of the TLs overall responsibilities can be delegated to fellow core members or even run mentors, at the end of the day the buck stops with the TLs. The TL role can be summed up as:

  • Leading morning runs that are consistent with the mission and goals of MiMS

  • Supporting core team members & ensuring that they are fulfilling their roles

  • Acting as a liaison between Run Mentors, facility staff, and MiMS staff

Team Leader responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Leading morning runs

  • Sending a weekly email update to the Run Mentor team

  • Co-leading new Run Mentor orientations with MiMS Run Mentor Coordinator or staff

  • Planning & leading monthly Core Team meetings

  • Stepping in to help out Core Team Members, including recruiting new Core Members if needed

  • Communicating regularly with MiMS staff & fellow Team Leaders


Resident Member Manager

The Resident Manager  (RM) is one of the most important & rewarding roles on any MiMS Team. The RM provides training of & support for Resident Members, and is the primary contact for Residents outside of morning runs. The RM will develop a unique bond with the residents, beyond that which other Run Mentors will develop. This role will have the opportunity to really impact the success of his/her team members. However, due to the nature of this role, the RM must be someone who brings an understanding of healthy boundaries and is able to set strong boundaries for themselves and those around them. The RM will be one of the first MiMS faces a new resident encounters. Therefore, it is important that the RM be both friendly & welcoming, be a good communicator, and have strong empathy skills. Some experience working with people experiencing homelessness or with people involved in the criminal justice system preferred.


  • Work closely with Resident Engagement Coordinator (an Alumni) to organize and drive recruiting events prior to each cycle, and additionally if needed

  • Lead regular Resident Member Orientations

  • Pick up & distribute Res Member gear (may coordinate with other volunteers) & incentives

  • Communicate with Resident Members outside of morning runs when necessary - event reminders, follow up with missing residents, etc.

  • Generally understand each resident Member’s current state to be aware of concerns


The Team Coach not only plans the weekly runs & workouts but also serves as the main resource on all things running for the team members. It is the coach’s job to ensure that routes are designed with their specific runners in mind, and that members are gaining the knowledge that will enable them to become lifelong runners -  to keep it up on their own long after they leave the shelter


  • Prepares Daily Route(s) & workouts that are in line with upcoming races

  • Manages Team Captains & morning stretch routine

  • Provides running tips (eg. run cadence, breathing, cross training, foot strike) on regular basis

  • Acts as an available resource for member questions on running and training

  • Tracks Resident Member progress, including timed mile splits & race results, to provide feedback to members

  • Works with fellow core members to assess which residents are ready for upcoming races and ensure that resident members are on track with training

  • Help prepare members for racing experience, including determining race pace, pacing strategies, nutrition, gear, etc.


Events Coordinator

The Events Coordinator is a new role for 2018 that will combine some of the responsibilities of past seasons’ social coordinator & race coordinator. Primary responsibilities include:

  • Planning one team social event per cycle during first month of each cycle, including coordinating logistics & transportation

  • Assisting with coordination & logistical support for one goal race per cycle, including Mentor/Member pairings, race promotion & registration and day-of logistics

  • Representing their team on the MiMSies committee (yearly program celebration held in December)