Core Team


The core team is the foundation of each run mentor lead site. Here's who they are and what they do...

Team Leader

The Team Leader serves two main purposes: 

  1. The TL is the team “boss”. The TLs behavior & personality sets the tone for the entire team, and 
  2. The TL is the main link between the program and MiMS staff/board of directors

While much of the TLs overall responsibilities can be delegated to fellow core members or even run mentors, at the end of the day the buck stops with the TL. The TL should be a regular presence at runs & should have their finger on the pulse of their team & its members. The TL role can be summed up as: 

  • Leading morning runs that are consistent with the mission and overall strategic goals of MiMS
  • Supporting core team members & ensuring that they are fulfilling their roles
  • Acting as a liaison between Run Mentors, facility staff, and MiMS staff/BOD


  • Responsibilities:
    • Prepares Daily Route(s)
    • Manages Team Captains & morning stretch routine
    • Provides running tips (eg. run cadence, breathing, cross training, foot strike)
    • Acts as an available resource for member questions on running and training

Resident Member Manager

Provides training of & support for Resident Members 

  • Responsibilities
    • Work with the Team Leader and facility staff to organize and drive recruiting events when needed
    • Lead Resident Member Orientations
    • Pick up & distribute Res Member gear (may coordinate with other volunteers)& incentives 
    • Communicate with Resident Members outside of morning runs when necessary - event reminders, follow up with missing residents, etc. 
    • Generally understand each resident Member’s current state to be aware of concerns
    • Be prepared to step in, with the Team Leader, if there are issues with Resident Members

Social Coordinator

  • Responsibilities
    • Organize one team social event per cycle + 1st mile kickoff breakfast 
    • Sit on MiMSies committee (Yearly program celebration)
    • Recognize milestones for members (Birthdays, firsts, other achievements) - optional

Race Coordinator

  • Responsibilities
    • Promote team goal races throughout cycle, and disseminate race-day plans/info 
    • Help prepare members for racing experience, including determining race pace, pacing strategies, nutrition, gear, etc. 
    • Organize Mentor/Member pairings 
    • Organize registrations
    • Organize volunteering if required
    • Organize transportation for Resident Members